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Our Tammy Taylor Nail products are distributed to over 100 000 salon world wide. 

Gift Card

At our salon we love it if our clients treat their friends or loved ones. That is why we have a gift card in place for you to treat someone

Easy Steps
1. Write the persons name on the card you want to treat
2. Write the amount of what your friend or loved one can spend here
3. Pay full amount and who ever is receiving the gift can book with us

Loyalty Card

We need to reward our clients for their loyalty. Not because we have to but because we want to. For every visit, we will mark the amount of bookings on your loyalty card 

With your 5th visit you receive 30% discount on any nail treatment 
​With your 10th visit you receive 50% discount on any nail treatment

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Price List
Our price list is available at Prices and Specials (2017)
We stock supply and use FakeBake for simulated suntan.
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